Quality Department

This Department has to inspect and measure every part that has been fabricated into our internal workshop to assure total quality according to the specifications of every mechanical drawing and based in high quality standards.

All the equipment is calibrated periodically and used only for each area.


  • Mechanical Drawings reception.
  • Machining parts reception. Internal or external.
  • Parts inspection according to the specifications.
  • F-50 Machining follow format update.
  • Send parts for treatments with external Suppliers.
  • Deliver all release parts including the updated drawings.


  • CMM Brown & Sharpe –Optical Comparator Starrett
  • Hardness Tester Wilson Rockwell
  • Gauge Blocks
  • Gauge Pins
  • Micrometers, Verniers, etc.
  • All this equipment is exclusive for this area.